CART (0)

Counterfeit products material policy


Ocean Safety Ltd will not knowingly procure, use or supply any counterfeit item or material. Ocean Safety Ltd shall have arrangements in place as detailed below to manage the risk of counterfeit material in the supply chain.


The risk of acquiring counterfeit material is managed by:

Assessment – of likelihood and criticality of encountering counterfeit items in the supply chain for a particular product, part or application.

Avoidance – through application of the Supplier Selection Process and the Approved Supplier List, the business will only acquire products and services from known, reputable and traceable sources. The business policy is to purchase directly from the original manufacturer whenever possible and to flow down the requirement to manage counterfeit items where risk is identified.

Detection – by inspection of items where required by the Goods Inwards process, any new or potentially risk bearing suppliers will have their supplied goods inspected. In addition, all goods inwards staff and technicians will be required to be vigilant for counterfeit items using their experience, training & awareness.

Elimination – any instances of counterfeit items will result in quarantine of the items and reporting of detected instances to the supplier and any potential customers who may have received said item, industry and the appropriate authorities. Counterfeit items will not be returned to the supplier. Instances of counterfeit item detection shall be communicated to the IPR holder as known, the supplier, the customer if in receipt, relevant organisations, the police and Trading Standards.