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Environmental Policy Statement


Ocean Safety Ltd is committed to preserving the environment & to minimising any adverse impacts associated with our activities. This commitment will require the continuous improvement of our operational methods & working practices.
We are custodians of the natural environment for future generations. Our objective is to understand & strive to continuously improve our environmental impact as far as practically possible, to inform & educate all our people & to set ourselves achievable goals for reducing our environmental impact.


We have identified our most significant adverse environmental impacts as:

A: Emissions owing to electricity generation.
B: Discharge of CO2 gas during cylinder service.

We have also identified our positive environmental impacts as:

A: Recycling/ Reusing of packing & packaging materials.


We are committed to managing our environmental impacts & to continuously improve our environmental performance by:

  • Complying with relevant legislation, regulations & other relevant requirements.
  • Setting realistic objectives & targets for our most significant environmental impacts.
  • Minimising our energy consumption & encouraging the use of less polluting forms of transport whenever possible.
  • Minimising the amount of waste produced through reduction, recovery, re-use & recycling.
  • Training all employees on environmental issues.
  • Communicating our Environmental Policy & relevant procedures to employees, suppliers, contractors & other stakeholders via our website & internal notice boards.
  • Promoting environmentally sensitive behaviour.
  • Reporting on our environmental performance.

Alistair Hackett
Managing Director
January 2024