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Man Overboard Equipment

Every seagoing vessel should be aware of how they are going to be able to lift someone back onboard if they fall into the water. The different designs of vessels such as the size, the height of the freeboard and the access availability will all dictate what types of man overboard equipment would be most suitable.

The three main elements of a retrieval process are being able to locate the man overboard (MOB), and keep them located, attach them to a rescue device and keep them afloat, and finally get them back on board the vessel. A wet fully clothed male adult, particularly one who is exhausted after being in the water for several minutes or more is a heavy weight.

There is a good range of man overboard retrieval products on the market and Ocean Safety both manufactures and distributes some of the best and most advanced in the world. The most fundamental, carried by the majority of leisure yachts is the horseshoe lifebuoy which can be easily launched and give the MOB flotation in the water. Ocean Safety offers a range of horseshoes and ringsrange of horseshoes and rings, along with lights and throwing strops.

We also offer our own Jon Buoy range of MOB retrieval systems, including the Jon Buoy Recovery Module, an automatically inflating ‘raft’ which the person overboard can sit in. Most recently Ocean Safety has launched an ultra-visible option for the Jon Buoy range, the Glo Lite Jon Buoy this utilised a luminous fabric which aids location in the dark.

Ocean Safety have a range of safety ladders, for the MOB to re-board their vessel unaided.

Commercial vessels and large yachts also use scrambling nets like Fibrelight and recovery cradles like the Dacon rescue cradle which is a manual rescue net that drops down into the water so that casualties can be floated onto them before being hauled up using a davit or winch system. Jason’s Cradle is another system offered by Ocean Safety retrieving people quickly and horizontally from the water, a particularly effective system for injured or unconscious casualties.

The experts at Ocean Safety are here to help you choose the best type of MOB retrieval system for your own boating, which can cater for your budget, the number of crew of you have and the type of vessel.
Don’t forget to consider also the importance of not just retrieving but quickly locating a person in the water, of particular importance at night or in bad weather. Have a look at our locator beacons and lifejacket light options.

Finally, it is vitally important that you and your crew practice retrieving a person from the water before going to sea.