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DACON are a Norwegian company that have been established since 1979 as a major supplier of rescue and inspection equipment and micro camera systems. Their systems have been widely accepted within the shipping, offshore oil and gas industries, as well as the onshore industry.


Rescue Frames

Man-Over-Board Recovery System for smaller rescue crafts


  • A manual recovery system for gentle and effective rescue of casualties.
  • Quick, safe and effective retrieval - saves time for the rescue personnel
  • Folds for stowage on deck or railing. Always ready for immediate deployment
  • Requires a minimum of space on board. Will not obstruct passage even on small rescue craft
  • Doubles as an effective scrambling net for persons able to climb onboard 

The Dacon Rescue Frame consists of a number of parallel fibre glass bars connected by slotted webbing. The outer bar is equipped with flotation, a maneuvering stick and hand-loops for easy grip. 

When deployed, the Rescue Frame hangs down the freeboard forming a cradle in the water. The casualty is positioned in the cradle and gently rolled onboard by lifting the grip bar or the retrieval lines.With the optional hydraulic Drum and Davit, recovery can be performed single-handed.

Available for any freeboard height. The system stows in a minimum of space. Simple, effective and inexpensive. 

Please call with your freeboard, desired width and connection point details.


Rescue Dummy

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is specially suited for evacuation- and recovery drills as it, unlike most makeshift dummies, will float and drift in the water as well as handle with very similar characteristics as a person.

It may be used with any recovery method including the Dacon Rescue Scoop and the Dacon Rescue Frame. It is also well suited for helicopter rescue drills from water or life raft.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is extremely robust and will take severe abuse. It may be dropped in the water from any realistic height from vessel, rig or helicopter and may be handled in just about any manner.

With a height of 6 feet, all the main joints and proportions of a human and a weight of about 90 kilos, it resembles a person in most rescue situations. It will also demonstrate quite realistically the handling problems a rescue crew will be faced with in a real situation.


  • The Dacon Rescue Dummy is made from the same heavy duty PVC material as used for inflatable fenders.
  • Height: 190 cm
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Fittings: Stainless steel
  • Colour: Fluorescent yellow

DACON Rescue Scoop

The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a powered rescue system for recovery of casualties from the water directly on board larger rescue vessels. It is a semi-rigid, manoeuvrable rescue net which is operated by a standard deck crane.

The net suspends from the ship's side providing an effective rescue reach of about 3 - 6 m,depending on dimensions and crane reach.

Models for All Size Vessels

The Dacon Rescue Scoop is available in various models to fit vessels of all types and sizes. The equipment has been fitted to Standby- and Supply vessels in the offshore industry, as well as Pilot vessels, Coast Guard cutters, etc, through the past 15 years. 


DACON Rescue Basket & Rescue Star

The Dacon Rescue Basket fills the NMD requirements for Rescue Baskets for use onboard Stand-By vessels. The Rescue Star is a versatile rescue system designed for casualty rescue from the sea. Due to its innovative folding design, the product is easy to deploy and requires little space for storage. With its folded size of only 69cm it facilitates use of rescue basket on almost any vessel with a crane fitted. With the introduction of the Rescue Star, Dacon now offers a range of Rescue Baskets accommodating from 2-8 persons, depending on model chosen, including Dacon Rescue Baskets RB-250 & RB-300 models, already used throughout the world.


    • 8 persons/800 kg
    • Test load: 2500 kg. Evenly distributed load

Dimensions & Weight

    • Width: 2940 mm
    • Height: 2800 mm
    • Height w/o lifting mast: 770 mm
    • Weight: 155 kg


  • The basket is completely padded for protection of occupants, large float in the mast prevents capsizing and net covered sides for safety.
 Rescue Star V4

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