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Dacon is a Norwegian manufacturer of man overboard rescue equipment for all types of vessels and smaller boats. The maritime rescue products are DNV TEC certified and well known for its innovative and high- quality design. Dacon Maritime Rescue Products are supplied to operators in more than 20 countries worldwide.


Rescue Frames

Man-Over-Board Recovery System for FRCs and Life BoatsWEBDacon Rescue Frame 01

DNV TEC certified and is compliant with Solas Reg. 111/17-1 & Subchapter M requirement §140.425 Fall overboard prevention (a).


  • A manual rescue net for gentle and effective rescue of casualties
  • Horizontal recovery for full body support, reducing the possibility of aggravation of injuries
  • Quick, safe and effective retrieval
  • Folds for stowage on deck or railing. Always ready for immediate deployment
  • Requires a minimum of space on board
  • Alternative use as a scrambling net for persons able to climb onboard

When deployed, the Rescue Frame hangs down the freeboard forming a cradle in the water. The casualty is positioned in the cradle and gently rolled onboard by lifting the grip bar or the retrieval lines. With the optional hydraulic drum and davit, recovery can be performed single-handed.

Available for any freeboard height. The system stows in a minimum of space. Simple, effective and inexpensive.
Please call with your freeboard, desired width and connection point details.

Please call with your freeboard, desired width and connection point details.

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Rescue Dummy

High-quality rescue training manikin for realistic rescue scenarios.

Dacon Rescue Dummy 04 WEB

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is especially suited for evacuation - and recovery drills as it, unlike most makeshift dummies, will float and drift in the water as well as handle with very similar characteristics as a person.



  • Realistic height (1,9 m) and weight (up to 85 kg)
  • Realistic joints, with restricted limb movements similar to human`s
  • Extremely rugged - survives a drop from a platform`s helicopter deck and other rough usage
  • Test dummy adjustable to float horizontally or vertically in the water
  • Optional negative buoyancy for underwater SAR training
  • Drainable training manikin for lighter weight during i.e. transport or storage

With a realistic height and weight, with all main joints and proportions of a human, it resembles a person in most rescue situations. It will also demonstrate quite realistically the handling problems a rescue cDacon Rescue DummyWEBrew will be faced with in a real situation.

It may be used with any recovery method including the Dacon Rescue Scoop and the Dacon Rescue Frame. It is also well suited for helicopter rescue drills from water or life raft.

The Dacon Rescue Dummy is extremely robust and will take severe abuse. It may be dropped in the water from any realistic height from vessel, rig or helicopter and may be handled in just about any manner.

DACON Rescue ScoopDacon Rescue Scoop

The Dacon Rescue Scoop is a powered rescue system for recovery of casualties from the water directly onboard larger rescue vessels.
The Scoop meets the relevant class and flag requirements for use on Standby Vessels.



  • Dacon Rescue Scoop is a large crane operated rescue net for horizontal recovery of casualties from the water
  • Gentle and effective retrieval of casualties
  • Rescue reach of 3-6 m
  • Light- weight and flexible
  • Stows along railing or bulwark, or integrated in the cargo rail
  • Robust design and long-life expectancy
  • 5 years manufacturer`s guarantee
It is a semi-rigid, manoeuvrable rescue net which is operated by a standard deck crane. The net suspends from the ship's side providing an effective rescue reach of about 3 - 6 m, depending on dimensions and crane reach.
The Dacon Rescue Scoop is available in various models to fit vessels of all types and sizes. It has been fitted to Standby- and Supply vessels in the offshore industry, as well as Pilot vessels, Coast Guard cutters, etc, through the past 15 years.

WEBDacon Rescue Scoop RSB 01WEBERRV ship with Dacon Rescue Scoop 2


DACON Scrambling NetWEB Dacon Scrambling Net with optional installation frame

A unique and highly effective climbing net. The Dacon Scrambling Net complies with UKOOA guidelines and other classification society notations for Standby vessels.



  • Dacon Scrambling Net enables distressed persons to climb to safety
  • Rigid, non-slip climbing and grip surface
  • Robust design
  • Optional fold-over installation frame
WEB Scrambling Net through door
The Dacon Scrambling Net is a unique and highly effective climbing net. It is being used on Standby and Rescue vessels all over the world.

The rescue net enables persons in distress to climb to safety. It is a rigid rope net that provides a more stable, non-slip climbing and grip surface compared to other more traditional rope scrambling nets. The rigid rungs combined with heavy duty webbing makes the climbing net significantly easier to climb, as the shape will stay the same and not "collapse" when climbing it.

The rigid rope net is of extremely robust design and with a very low total lifecycle cost, which makes this type of man overboard recovery equipment ideal for its users.


DACON Rescue Basket & Rescue Star

The Dacon Rescue Basket meets the UKOOA, NMD and various classification societies for use onboard Standby vessels.


Features WEB Dacon Rescue Basket 02

  • Stable and effective method of recovery
  • Perfect for mass rescue situations
  • Rugged aluminium construction with soft padding
  • Low floating position for easy entry
  • Quick- folding lifting mast for convenient stowage

The Rescue Basket is a stable and effective power-assisted rescue basket with a 30+ years track record.

It is a rugged aluminium construction with soft padding. It has a large float attached to the mast to prevent capsizing and net covered sides for safety. While in the water this maritime rescue system will have a low floating position, assisting people to easily get inside. The attached fenders will rotate and therefore further contribute to an easy "float-in" access from the sea. The fenders also provide protection when hauled against the ship side during recovery.

The lifting mast folds down for storage and it comes shipped in two halves to keep shipping costs down.

 WEB Dacon Rescue BasketWEBBasketWEBIMG 4254

The Rescue Star is a versatile rescue system designed for casualty rescue from the sea. Due to its innovative folding design, the product is easy to deploy and requires little space for storage. Ideal for vessels with limited deck/storage space.



  • Folding ability upon storage
  • No personal risk to the crew
  • Automatic adaptation to wave height by the sliding function of the floating rescue disc
  • Robust steel framework
  • Floats app. 2 m below surface – provides easy access for persons in the water
  • Floating rescue disc carries the rescue equipment independently of the (crane) cable, with a floating function (like a buoy)
  • Two safety guide ropes prevent the equipment from swinging while being raised
  • Low maintenance

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