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Ocean Safety’s 4 year dating on pyrotechnics exceeds the norm

Commercial operators purchasing flares and rockets in the UK are benefitting from the additional year of dating that the Hansson Pyrotechnics range offers over other pyrotechnic products. Ocean Safety Ltd, which is the exclusive distributor of Hansson Pyrotechnics products in the UK, is bringing to the attention of its market the significance of the 4-year dating given to these products.
“Hansson has been manufacturing pyrotechnics for over a century and is one of the world’s most trusted suppliers,” comments Rob Metcalf, Ocean Safety’s Commercial Sales Manager. “Lasting reliability of such fundamental life safety equipment is paramount and the strength of the long 4-year dating amply demonstrates this.”
Ocean Safety has had many decades of experience in supplying Hansson to ships, lifeboats, liferaft packs, workboats and leisure vessels, and is also a key training and support organisation.
The Hansson products covered by the robust 4-year dating are the Ikaros range including the Red Parachute Rocket for long distance distress signalling, the Buoyant Smoke for daylight signalling, Red Hand Held Flare for pinpoint signalling, Linethrower, Orange Hand Smoke and Day & Night Signal.
Ocean Safety supplies Hansson to ships, lifeboats, liferaft packs, and leisure vessels. You can see our whole range of pyrotechnics and flares here.

The entire Hannson Ikaros range from Ocean Safety is approved globally and meets the latest SOLAS 74/96 regulations.

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