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Ocean Safety meets new 2023 MCA standard with Red Ensign approval

Marine safety specialist, Ocean Safety has announced that its range of commercial liferafts meet the new ‘Red Ensign’ standard for United Kingdom conformity assessment procedures for marine equipment and are now approved to carry the Red Ensign logo.

After the United Kingdom left the European Union, the UK implemented regulations to establish UK conformity assessment procedures. This ensures the UK can continue to comply with its maritime international obligations relating to safety at sea.

The new requirements apply to all SOLAS/MED approved lifesaving equipment manufactured after 1st January 2023 that is to be used on all commercially operated UK flagged vessels. This includes UK merchant ships, small commercial vessels, commercially operated leisure craft and fishing vessels.

“We’re committed to ensuring commercial operators and seafarers have a safe working environment while at sea,” says Ocean Safety’s managing director, Alistair Hackett.

“Brexit has meant UK-flagged ships are having to navigate new, and updated, regulations to be able to operate within the law. We want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so, which is why we’ve sought Red Ensign approval for all our commercial liferafts from our Notified Body.

“We’re presently one of two British liferaft manufacturers able to supply UK-flagged vessels with dual approved liferafts that comply with both MED & MER regulations.”

From 1 January 2023, EU approved and manufactured ‘MED’ liferafts, carrying only the EU ‘Wheelmark’ of conformity will no longer be able to be placed on board UK ships.

Safety equipment and liferaft hire is a popular option for commercial vessel operators. Ocean Safety’s dual-approved SOLAS liferafts are available through its liferaft rental service, ensuring UK-flagged vessels will always be compliant, and at a fixed cost.

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