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Q: I have a new lifejacket/liferaft/Jon Buoy from you, how can I register its warranty?

Please visit our website and complete the warranty form, which can be found here: Warranty Form

Q: I need my liferaft serviced but cannot get to one of your branches, where are your servicing collection locations.

We offer a service drop off / collection facility at many marinas and chandleries around the UK, for more information click here.

Q: I need my liferaft/lifejacket/Jon Buoy serviced but I am not in the UK, where are your Global Service Stations?

You can locate your nearest Global Service Station via this map

Q: Where can I find my lifejackets serial number?

Depending on the model of your lifejacket the serial number will either be shown on a label sewn to the waistbelt or on a label attached to the bladder. To view the bladder type label you will need to carefully open the lifejacket

Q: How often should I service my lifejacket?

SOLAS approved lifejacket have to be serviced annually by an approved service station and we also strongly recommend the annual service for leisure users too. We also advise lifejacket owners, to regularly check their lifejacket for wear and tear.

Q: How often should I service my liferaft?

SOLAS liferafts require an annual service and leisure liferafts require servicing every 3 years, some manufacturers change their service interval when the liferaft is 12 years old.

Q: What actually happens during my liferaft service?

We always encourage our customers to come in and familiarise themselves with their liferaft during the service, alternatively, you can read what happens during an Ocean Safety liferaft service What happens during a liferaft services

Q: Where should I stow my liferaft?

Liferaft stowage and deployment, is a very important feature to consider when selecting a liferaft, read our latest blog here on this topic. How to stow a liferaft for quick launching

Q: I have a great sponsorship proposal for Ocean Safety, where should I send it?

We would love to see it! Please send to

Q: I am a stockist and would like to set up an account with Ocean Safety, how do I do this?

Please contact our sales team directly on who will be able to help

Q: I am unsure if I need a buoyancy aid or lifejacket, can you advise me?

Yes we can! Please read one of our latest blogs on this topic here; Lifejacket or Buoyancy aid – what’s the difference

Q: How do I winterised my vessel?

Putting your boat into hibernation for the winter is a very important task, read our top recommendations here.. Winterisation

Q: I am not entirely sure which lifejacket best suits my needs

There are lots of different lifejackets on the market, read our latest blog here to help pick the correct one for you; What to look for when you are selecting a lifejacket

Q: I am a leisure customer and want to buy an Ocean Safety XXXXXXX, where can I buy one?

You can find your local stockist here: Stockists

Q: I have some out of date pyro, how do I dispose of it?

You can safely dispose of all their out-of-date flares at one of Ocean Safety’s three branches around the UK, for more information click here – Ocean Safety opens disposal facility at four UK branches for all brands of pyrotechnics

Q: How do I register my EPIRB?

You should register your EPIRB with the national authority associated with the country code in the hexadecimal identification (15 Hex ID) of your beacon, and it’s very important that you register a new EPIRB as soon as you receive it. For more information, please read our handy blog on this – How to register your EPIRB