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Vanguard SOLAS 420 RB


The Vanguard SOLAS 420 RB is a robust, lightweight and high-capacity semi-rigid compact boat, designed, built and tested under the latest standards.
The hull is manufactured from 4mm thick marine aluminium and has a closed cell foam core to ensure it is lightweight and fast while providing excellent stability and low fuel consumption. The tube has five independent air chambers and the boat can be powered by a 25 or 40 hp outboard engine for quick planing. 
The boat is designed to be more than just a man overboard or rescue boat for quickly rescueing crew members that may fall into the sea or a craft for grouping and communicating between liferafts in the event of an accident. It can also be used as a work boat for everyday tasks in operations for transferring crew and equipment, carrying out inspections, and aubiliary tasks.

Key features

  • Tube has five independent air compartments with safety relief valves to release excess pressure.
  • Nonsubmersible hull with radar reflector, anti-spill tank.
  •  Exceptionally light aluminum allows a 10% reduction in hull weight compaired to most competitors.
  • A robust structure of girders and flooring provide optimum strength for impacts with submerged objects and make repairs easier.
  • Fire resistant structure.
  • Ample space inside and easy handling and steering, as well as simple maintenance and servicing.


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