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ENQUIRY FORM The Jason's Cradle® MOB system is used globally in every military, commercial, rescue, and leisure area within the marine sector.

The commercial units are SOLAS approved as embarkation ladders.
Available types
 - The standard unit is suitable for most vessels with up to 3m freeboard and is offered in 3 width options
 - The FRC Kit is suitable for all Fast Rescue Craft and is offered in two width options
 - The Rescue Stretcher unit is suitable for high sided vessels, diver recovery and quayside rescue and is offered in two sizes.
 - The scramble net is suitable for high sided vessels, rescue zones and mass recovery/evacuation

Why do I need it?
Jason's Cradle® is designed to retrieve people quickly and horizontally from the water, thus reducing the possibilities of “dry drowning” now more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse. The horizontal lift for a MOB has now become critical in the modern marine world and by using the Jason's Cradle®, not only is this achievable, but it is one of the safest and quickest methods of retrieval for conscious and / or unconscious casualties.

Using Jason’s Cradle® as your preferred MOB recovery system allows operators to retrieve casualties who are unable to assist themselves due to injury, or high freeboard.


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