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The Sea-Fire brand is a world leader in Marine Fire Suppression Technology. With Sea-Fire’s NOVEC NFG and NFD range, Manual/Automatic and auto Only fire suppression systems, boat owners enjoy the peace of mind that comes with constant protection.


FT Stinger Series

Applications include:

  • Small generator set enclosures
  • Alternative fuel storage areas
  • Small electrical enclosures
  • Bow thrusters

All Sea-Fire stinger fire suppression systems are activated automatically via heat activation only.

These are non-refillable systems and details of the customer replacement program are available on request.


H Series

Applications include:

  • Offshore platforms
  • Pleasure craft
  • Super tankers

Custom engineered fire suppression systems to protect spaces from 1500 cu ft (42.5 cu m) up to 17500 cu ft (500 cu m).

Providing fast economical solutions that protect large pleasure craft, yachts, workboats, vessels and onshore/offshore marine applications.

The systems are fully customisable and available with verstile options such as:

  • Automatic/manual or manual only systems
  • 30 or 60 second time delay
  • siren and pressure trips for maintaining compartment integrity

Vessel Information
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Please note : for NET volume only deduct sealed tanks, do not deduct the engine block.
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Manual discharge cable length

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jonbuoy range

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