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The Safer Sailing presentations continue with Cardiff Bay Yacht Club and The Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Tuesday evening Stan and Chris where welcomed by Cardiff Bay Yacht Club. The MOB section of the presentation seemed to have the most interest and on Saturday as part of a very interesting safety day at the Royal Lymington Yacht Club. This is the 5th time Ocean Safety have given a presentation at this event. Chris Waterman Ocean Safety Training Manager. "Every year I expect the numbers to fall but as always the RLYC have an impressive turn out of over 60 people, this is the best year yet"

Ocean Safety training lit up Isle of Wight by giving a flare and liferaft demonstration for the Island Sailing Club. Chris Waterman and Alistair Hackett spend the afternoon with 40 members giving 30 of them the opportunity to fire a hand flare in controlled conditions. Alistair Hackett commented "It's so important to understand the activation of the pyrotechnic you have on board but one thing most boats owners don't think about is how hot these flares burn and a pair of leather gauntlet gloves are highly recommended" The rest of the afternoon was spent in the club house going through lifejackets and liferafts.
Paul Wells Vis Commodore of the Island Sailing Club "Thank you so much for yesterday, I hope from the number of questions and interest shown you could get a feel for how much our cruisers enjoyed your session

A video of the flare demonstration can be seen here


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