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Fiberlight Emergency Ladder


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The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a ‘Means of Embarkation’ and life saving device accepted by the MCA (UK flag) to be used on all vessel types.
The Fibrelight Emergency Ladder is a strong durable device in use across the world on merchant ships, offshore support vessels, navy warships, super yachts and on land in overhead cranes.
The ladder has been designed for use in emergencies; it can be carried and then deployed by a single person in less than a minute, as it is both lightweight and straightforward to use.
The ladder is a standard width of 600mm and is produced in lengths of 2 - 65 metres, in either Orange or Black. The ladder contains no metal parts and therefore is suitable for deployment on vessels or platforms with fire risks.
A 30-metre ladder weighs less than 30 kilograms. With a natural step action the double rung ladder is considerably easier and safer to use. The ladder is both faster to climb and more importantly to descend than a single rung ladder.
The ladders are constructed using carbon fibre rods enclosed in flanged tubular webbing. When the webbing tubes are fitted and sewn at right angles between the double thickness pockets of a second webbing, an incredibly strong structure is created. In this way the rod is fully supported within the vertical members of the ladder.
ISO 799 strength test, as part of the SOLAS approval programme, required successive rungs to be loaded to over 900kgs and sustained for one minute without failure.
The ladder construction has also been tested and approved for thermal ageing, weathering, UV light, oil resistance and practical performance. The recommended ladder length for a vessel is to be the Freeboard height plus 20% to allow for listing.

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