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ACR 406 Day ACR Electronics Inc. in 2013 officially announced April 6th as ‘406 day’, celebrating the over 40,000 lives saved by using 406 MHz beacons and the Cospas-Sarsat Satelite System.
It is a day set to create awareness on the responsibilities and benefits of owning a 406 MHz beacon, including an EPIRB and a PLB. As a service agent and supplier of ACR products and a company dedicated to improving the safety of those out in the water, Ocean Safety is delighted to be supporting ACRs’ campaign.
To discuss the latest technology with the Ocean Safety team, ensuring your current beacon conforms to current industry regulations and meets your boating requirements or to discuss servicing,
please call: +44 (0)2380 720 800 Checklist Ocean Safety has published a checklist which 406 beacon owners can use, to serve as a reminder to check expiration dates and ensuring correct registry. To download your free checklist click here.

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