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Dee Caffari May Blog

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We are beginning to hear terms like ‘returning to a semblance of normality’ or ‘things feel more normal’ but I want to pause and actually think about whether we really do want to return to what was considered normal before this global pandemic. Old normal was not sustainable for the economy, people and, more importantly, the planet. As we start to take tentative steps forward again it will take bold entrepreneurs, companies and individuals to say, “Wait, old normal cannot be sustained so let’s take this opportunity to do things differently.”

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 We were blown away by the response to our last homeschool lesson with our Ambassador, Dee Caffari! We want to do as much as we can to help you during this time, and so we’ve worked with her to come up with another fun lesson to keep your kids engaged. This week’s lesson is about the important issue of ocean health and includes another comprehension exercise and a fun poster drawing task!

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We’re offering our followers the chance to get some first-hand advice, tips, and knowledge from one of sailing’s most prolific and famous athletes – our Ambassador, Dee Caffari!

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Dee Caffari February Blog

Sunsail Magenta 1
I am exhausted from battling the wind and rain from what feels like never ending storm cycles battering the UK this month. But, in reality, I am complaining about the muddy dog walks, the endless cycle of dirty dog towels and a few roads closed due to floods or trees down here and there, which pales into insignificance when you look at the areas of the country that are worse effected. Farmlands lost to floods that will take months to clear, residents evacuated from their homes due to flooding, and in some tragic cases loss of life. When all things are considered I am lucky.

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Gear 7
It’s doesn’t happen that often but sometimes when sticking your neck out in the Southern Ocean you just get plain lucky.

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