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Ocean Safety’s full range of accredited Ocean SOLAS Ultralite liferafts now available

Volvo Team Brunel with Ultralite liferaft
Ocean Safety are pleased to announce that their Ocean SOLAS Ultralite liferaft range is now available in 6, 8,10 and 16-person models.
The first to be developed was the 12-person version of the rafts, causing a sensation last summer when they were chosen for the 2017/2018 Volvo Ocean Race in the quest to save weight. A vital 23% was shaved off the new Ultralite compared to previous similar liferaft models.
The full Ocean SOLAS Ultralite range has official MED Ship’s Wheel accreditation and has now been added to Ocean Safety’s extensive international catalogue of safety equipment for commercial and performance craft. While the rafts used for the Volvo race were already fully certified, the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) conformity means that the remaining liferafts in the range, the 6, 8, 10 and 16 person models can now be installed on commercial vessels throughout EU and other European countries and other flag states. The ability to provide a full range of accredited rafts is expected to open up the market potential for the Ultralite.
The Ocean SOLAS Ultralite compact liferaft is derived from Ocean Safety’s original space-saving Ocean Ultralite liferaft. It uses carbon composite technology to achieve the significant weight saving, a vital boost in the search for speed for performance yachts and other vessels where weight saving is a priority. The key areas of development have been in the inflation system, pack contents and the construction of the canister. Despite the weight reduction, the liferaft containers still offer the same strength qualities to withstand harsh marine environments.

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