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Ocean Safety rolls out robust spring education programme

Ocean Safety doesn’t just sell a wide range of safety equipment. The company is at the forefront of shaping safety standards throughout the marine community.
Flare demonstration
Having the right kit on board is all very well until it comes to using it in an emergency, and most people have never had to launch a liferaft in a real life situation, let off a flare either, or recovered a person overboard.

Ocean Safety has been running a range of demonstrations throughout the spring for a variety of audiences. An MOB and liferaft launch demonstration took place at Lymington Yacht Haven and prior to that Ocean Safety’s General Manager Alistair Hackett and his team took the owners and crews of World Cruising’s upcoming ocean rallies through offshore safety requirements and procedures. On 12th May the team delivered an exclusive event to the members of the London-based Cruising Association with training centred around MOB products and recovery procedures, lifejacket awareness, a flare demonstration and grab bag contents. 

Lymington Yacht Haven liferaft demonstration

The company is stressing the importance of emergency planning in advance. “It’s not the time to be reading the instruction manual once someone has fallen overboard,” comments Steve.    

He adds “It is very important to have a safety plan on board. Consider what action the remaining crew, which could be a young family, should be taking, if the strongest or most experienced crew member falls overboard. This is just one example of safety planning. It’s important that everyone on board understands what safety equipment is available on the vessel and knows how to use it.”

Ocean Safety are also extending their training to the commercial maritime sector. The company has just completed a workshop in Southampton for Port Authorities and military personnel, primarily looking at lifejacket operation and maintenance. 

Ocean Safety can tailor a safety seminar for every type of group, both leisure sailors and commercial ship crews. 

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