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World Sailing Annual Conference

Alistair Hackett, Ocean Safety's Managing Director, had the privilege of presenting to official governing bodies, and those involved in regulation of yacht racing at the World Sailing Annual Conference in Sarasota.
Alistair Hackett talking at the World Sailing Annual Conference
The World Sailing Annual Conference is the coming together of many of the worlds ‘rule makers’ in the yachting countries from around the world – it is where many of the things that have been discussed about the sport of sailing are ratified and approved (or not as the case may be!!) To have had the opportunity to be involved in the Safety Forum was a real privilege and to be able to discuss the points that were raised was both interesting but will also help Ocean Safety to better understand the development of safety rules around the world.
It has been a great opportunity to meet some old friends – Dee Caffari, Mike Golding and Dr Spike Briggs and also meet some new people involved in yacht racing around the world, but also to discuss safety with a number of the Volvo sailors and organisers from the last race. This evening was the pinnacle of the recognition of individuals and teams from within World Sailing with the Annual World Sailor of the Year Awards – it was a wonderful evening and to be there as a guest of World Sailing following the forum was a wonderful end to my time in Sarasota.
For Ocean Safety to have access to these events allows us an insight into the workings of the worldwide organisation of yacht racing and gives us the opportunity to ensure that we are always in a position to move our products and our knowledge forwards.
Watch Alistairs talk below (skip to 2 hours and 14 minutes for Alistairs slot)

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