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Newport Boat Show

Sunday saw the final day of the Newport Boatshow in Rhode Island USA.
Revere liferaft at Newport Boatshow
Newport is becoming a bigger and bigger port of call for the Superyacht fraternity as well as the mecca for yacht racing in the US and this is leading to Ocean Safety seeing more and more of our equipment (LRSE) being serviced in the port. Alistair Hackett, Managing Director, noted “It was great to spend some time with our service agents in Newport today who are exhibiting at the show. Life Raft & Survival Equipment have seen a big increase in the number of Ocean Safety liferafts they are servicing and we are really pleased that the effort put in by Steve Bockett and our training team is paying off for them – in the last 18 months we have been able to approve LSRE to service most of our products including the Ocean Compact liferafts. The team at LSRE are very dedicated and last winter serviced virtually all the safety kit on the worlds fleet of J Class yachts, a lot of which came to Ocean Safety”
Beneteau with AC esque foils at Newport Boatshow
Ocean Safety’s commitment and support of our service network is helped in the USA because the support that comes from Revere in Florida, which is part of the 3Si Group. Alistair commented “Being able to rely on Revere is a great example of companies in a Group working closely together and in the coming months we intend to integrate much more closely with our team in Florida so we can capitalise on massive US market”
Later in the week Alistair will be visiting Revere and will outline what goes on at this outpost of Ocean Safety and 3Si.
Jonbuoy on yacht at Newport Boatshow

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