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Charlie at the helm

Charlie's Voyage - A change in weather, and tackling the snack pack

All has changed this week as the temperature has dropped and the wind has increased, but the most important thing is...what to do with the snack pack?

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Charlie's Voyage - Birthday treats and slow progress

In this blog, Charlie celebrates her birthday at 45 degrees, and the whole Clipper crew experience an unexpectedly calm start in the North Pacific Ocean. 

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Volvo Servicing - Done!

The last installment from General Manager, Alistair Hackett, in Auckland with the Volvo Ocean Race Fleet

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Dare To Lead with nearby Chinese fishing vessel

Charlie's Voyage - Navigating Through Fishing Vessels

As the Dare To Lead crew inch closer to Qingdao, they are faced with the difficulty of navigating through the many Chinese fishing vessels.

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Team Vestas in Auckland

Volvo Ocean Race - Welcome back Team Vestas

The penultimate installment from our General Manager with the Volvo Ocean Race fleet in Auckland, New Zealand.

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